House Extensions in Bishop’s Stortford | New Builds and Renovations | Design Trends for New and Revived Living Space

Have you decided to invest in property renovations? Or are you preparing for a large-scale job like house extensions or new builds? Whether you’re creating new space or breathing new life into an existing home, these projects generate understandable excitement. They create much-needed extra room and represent a blank canvas for an interior design project. But for some homeowners in Bishop’s Stortford, deciding on the decoration and styling is often a harder decision than choosing our builders and groundwork contractors!

The interior design options for your new space will narrow down when you decide how to use your new room(s). Naturally, bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices all have their own unique must-have features.

At Cooper & Wells Construction, we offer advice and guidance during the design and planning phase. Of course, we always encourage you to find inspiration from your own tastes and research, but we’re also happy to present some timeless and current ideas too.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular trends influencing the décor of our property renovations, extensions and other bespoke spaces. Due to their size and sheer array of interior design options, we have not focused on new builds.

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Décor Trends Inspiring New and Renovated Spaces

House Extensions

If your extension is at the rear of your property, consider creating a wide, flowing link between the interior and the garden. You can do this by installing by-folding doors. When fully retracted, you benefit from a much larger access point – certainly when compared with standard and French doors. Especially popular with kitchen extensions, this blurring of boundaries also opens new possibilities for garden use too.

Another key aspect for extensions, and new builds, is innovative storage. You are likely extending your Bishop’s Stortford home due to a lack of space. If this is true for you, our builders can integrate shelving and cupboards to suit your décor. ‘Concealed’ storage is particularly popular in this regard.

Well-planned house extensions, like those our builders and groundwork contractors deliver, also maximise natural light for a bright and airy interior. If you’re also caught between creating an open-plan extension or enclosing it behind a wall, consider pocket doors for the best of both worlds.


Much like new builds and home extensions, the goal of a renovation is to create a home that reflects your stylistic tastes while meeting your lifestyle requirements. During renovations, we often strip back the interior to a shell. This allows us to rebuild and decorate in any way you prefer.

Renovations will always involve a certain amount of repair, restoration and building. But they also focus on alterations that optimise comfort, improve access and allow for more natural light transmission.

It’s no surprise, then, that one of the most popular requests for property renovations in and around Bishop’s Stortford is the creation of open-plan spaces. By knocking through walls and making structural alterations, our builders and groundwork contractors produce multi-purpose areas that blend seamlessly with one another. A popular example here is the creation of a kitchen/diner.

However, it’s also worth noting that renovations can also include building internal walls. This option has risen in popularity with the increase in working from home. Dedicated offices are integral to productivity and concentration, so an isolated room is a must. Likewise, home offices are also proving highly popular with house extensions and in new builds.

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